Friday Songwriting Scene Spotlight

TGIF, folks! It’s time for the first installment of our Friday Songwriting Scene Spotlight — where I’ll shine a spotlight on two Songwriting Scene readers/artists…here we go!

DanWeberDan Weber
Vancouver, Washington
Have a listen:

Songwriting start: “I’ve always felt compelled to write but was never driven to play music.  One day a friend came over and said ‘I’m going to teach you how to play that today’. I learned three chords. At the end of the day I started writing songs.  Two years ago I decided to play one open mic and something happened. It’s been a fun ride ever since… ”

Songwriting habits: “I sing in the shower. Melodies, lyrics, nonsense. I just make things up. ‘Wait–Wait, what was that last line—what’s that about?’ I keep notebooks and pads everywhere. It comes when I stop everything and write it down. No computer. I just want to get it down.’ Structure, composition, and editing all come later when I am in a more ‘objective’ space.”

Songwriting love: “The High. The Chase. The “I’ve got One!” hair rising on the back of my neck. The transcendent–almost meditative–state of being ‘Inside’ the story while you’re writing it, not knowing how it ends or what the characters are going to do. I want them to tell me their stories. Sometimes, if I pay attention and listen closely enough, they will…”

Songwriting influences: “Townes Van Zandt, Bill Morrissey, Tom Russell, Guy Clark, Dave Carter, John Prine, James McMurtry. You know, Poets and Storytellers. Guys who write those lines—the ones you hear and think ‘Why didn’t I think of that??’ And Whiskey. That’s an influence, right? ”

chrisnetoChris Neto
Sydney, Australia
Have a listen:

Songwriting start: “I’ve only been playing guitar and singing seriously for about two and a half years, but I’ve always been interested in music. I enjoy playing music to people live; there’s nothing I’d rather do.”

Songwriting habits: “Most of the time I’ll simply have a tune playing in my head, but I only use them if they are emotionally connected to my mindset. I usually end up changing the lyrics if they don’t “fit” the context or musical structure of the song. I tend to use long vocal/instrumental sweeps because I like that kind of sound.”

Songwriting love: “I love the opportunity for other people to hear them! the process itself is enjoyable since I sometimes discover things about myself that need contemplation, delve into my subconscious. My songs grow as I grow as a person. I always attempt to advance myself in all aspects of songwriting. It’s  fun and challenging at the same time.”

Songwriting  influences: “Yorke/Radiohead, BonIver, Feist, Jeff Buckley, Bjork, Don McLean, Daft Punk.”