Friday Songwriting Scene Spotlight #5: Vancouver Island’s Helen Austin

TGIF and Happy Memorial Day weekend! Today we shine a Songwriting Scene spotlight on regular reader and beautiful songwriter, Vancouver Island-based Helen Austin:

Helen Austin
Vancouver Island, BC
Have a listen

Songwriting start: “I have been songwriting since my teens. It was my escape as a moody teen.”

Songwriting style: “My songwriting style is best described as ‘The DNA of Simon & Garfunkel and CSN&Y, clothed in Iron & Wine and a folkier Feist'”

Songwriting influences: “In the beginning my influences were Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles but are now indie artists like Iron & Wine, Submarines and Ingrid Michaelson.”

Songwriting love: “The thing I love songwriting is the ability to get lost in writing a song, finding something new in the process and the end result if it works out!”

Songwriting tip: “Finish a song, even if it’s bad, at least you can move on and it teaches you to see something through to the end. Write about the first thing that comes into your head and don’t over think while writing initial ideas. You can hone it later. Write in the style that you love to listen to. You will like the end result more.”