Songwriting Scene Challenge: The Big Cheese

I dare you to write a song about cheese.

Okay, I’ll explain: My friend Carolann Solebello was performing last week at the monthly songwriter’s showcase I host at my local coffee shop, and she played a song, “Hound Dogs in August,” that she had written during the last “Dog Days of August” Songwriting Scene challenge.

She said, “Sharon writes a blog about songwriting and sometimes challenges her readers to write a song about, say, cheese, or something like that.”

Well, I’ve offered up challenges to write songs about winter, summer…but I’ll admit that strumming chords to lyrics about moldy milk had never occurred to me, though I must say that cheese is one of my favorite foods. I could live on bread and cheese (and a glass of red wine).

But then again, why NOT? I mean, why couldn’t the whole idea of CHEESE be as good a songwriting challenge as any? A good songwriter, after all, can be inspired by almost anything. For example, ┬áNina Schmir, my singing partner in my semi-defunct folk-harmony duo Sweet Bitters, wrote what I consider to be a stellar song about a roach infestation in her Brooklyn apartment, called “Little Aliens.” In my opinion, if you can write a song about that (yuck!), you can write a song about cheese.

So, I hereby throw down a cheesy (not easy) songwriting challenge: Keep in mind, your song doesn’t really need to be a song ABOUT cheese. But it does need to be a song that MENTIONS cheese (as in the food item) or a type of cheese (anything from brie to swiss).

Here’s the other rules:

* The deadline is Wednesday, November 17. That is 3 weeks from today.
* You must send me an MP3 file of the song — whether you record it on a little digital recorder, GarageBand or in a studio, somehow you have to figure out how to send me an MP3.
* You must also send the lyrics — either pasted in an e-mail or in a Word doc.

I will post all songs on the blog that meet the requirements above by the stated deadline. Why don’t you all munch on some cheddar and mull it over?

Cheers and cheese!

  • Jim Colbert

    Hmm… okay, I’ll give ‘er a shot.

  • Craig S.

    Cheese!?! Oh I love a challenge, I’ll be back soon with my finished masterpiece :)

  • Jarry

    This is just way to easy and I already have one close to completion. Unfortunately I have no way yet to do it in mp3, maybe by the deadline but I doubt it. To bad, this was to be an award winning song, Oh well!!!