Songwriting Scene Challenge #7: One-week “days of the week” challenge!

I’m laying down the songwriting gauntlet, Scenesters!

Here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1) Write a song using one or more of the days of the week in the lyrics. (To be clear: That means you have to use one of the following words in your song: “Monday,” “Tuesday,” “Wednesday,” “Thursday,” “Friday,” “Saturday,” or “Sunday.”) If Rebecca Black can do it, lord knows we can do better, right?

2) You have one week from tomorrow do complete it. It’s a Sunday-to-Sunday challenge. (To be clear: submissions are due on Sunday, July 3 at 11:59 p.m.)

3) This is not a “contest,” just a “challenge.” There are no prizes. As long as you send in your submission as requested, however, I will post your song on the blog! Um, keep in mind — if you don’t want your song posted, best not to send it. :)

4) This CANNOT be a previously written or recorded song. The challenge is to write the song within the time frame given. Come on…you can do it!

5) You *must* send me a copy of the lyrics. Please paste it into the e-mail or send as a separate Word doc.

6) You *must* also send a recorded digital MP3 version of the song. Doesn’t need to be fancy — just recorded on a simple digital recorder, iPhone, whatever, is fine.

7) Send your submission to me at Please include your full name, city/town you’re from and if you have a URL you’d like me to link to.

8) Have fun writing!

~ Cheers, Sharon

  • Gordon Nash

    I object! Rebecca Black did not write “Friday” and shouldn’t take the blame for it. She was just a kid that got a Bat Mitzvah present that went viral. She handled it quite well. It’s the people at the studio that created the monster.

  • Sharon Goldman

    i guess I don’t know the whole “Friday” story…sounds like some Bat Mitzvah present! ;)

  • Sharon Goldman

    Other famous days of the week songs I can think of: “Monday, Monday” — The Mamas and the Papas. “Sunday Morning,” — No Doubt. “Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m.” — Simon and Garfunkel. “I Don’t Like Monday,” — Boomtown Rats. “Friday I’m in Love” — the Cure. “Saturday Night” — Bay City Rollers. “Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting,” — Elton John. Any others I’m missing?

  • Erin Friedman

    I’m in!  I encourage everyone to give this a try – you may be amazed at the results.

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  • eMMe

    David Bowie: Thursday’s Child, Drive-In Saturday, Sunday
    Vanda & Young: Friday On My Mind
    New Order: Blue Monday
    U2: Sunday Bloody Sunday

  • Rob Stevens

    After listening to Rebecca Black I wrote a song called ‘Everlasting Monday’, but at 3 AM (local Dutch time) I decided the chorus was not good enough, so I can’t make the deadline. It was fun to do though, I am already working on a better chorus so thank you for the challenge!

  • Billy Kirsch

    Nice blog Sharon. This is my first visit. Let me know if you’d ever want me to guest post!