Three years of Songwriting Scene! My top ten favorite posts

The date blew right by me, but it turns out it’s been three whole years since I started Songwriting Scene!

Thanks to all of you who have read, written, commented, shared, tweeted, Facebooked, linked, and most of all, tuned into the power of songwriting.

In honor of our third birthday, I thought I’d share my top 10 favorite posts ~ not necessarily the most popular ones ~ in cased you missed ‘em or might like to check ‘em out again! In no particular order…

1. Writing Songs is Like Walking on a Wiggly Bridge

2. 4 Ways to Silence Your Songwriting Self-Editor

3. The ABC’s of Songwriting Ideas

4. Why I Write Songs (and I Don’t Sing Heavy Metal Music)

5. Walk-the-walk songwriting: Jack Hardy, 1947-2011

6. Songwriting: The “Does This Suck?” Factor

7. The Recording Process: Five Tips for Songwriting Posterity

8. Lessons from a 3-Year-Old Songwriter

9. Songwriters, Beware: The Tale of The Lyric-Eating Brain Monster

10. 5 Tips for a Great Open Mike Experience


Sharon :)