A New Songwriting Scene Challenge!

Regular readers of Songwriting Scene know I’m always up for a good songwriting challenge. And, over the years I’ve put forth some deadline-oriented challenges that have borne wonderful fruit.

There was the Dog Days of August Challenge, for instance. Then there was the Cheese Challenge. And the Days of the Week Challenge!

Now, a couple of years later, technology has made it so much easier to record, upload and share songs. I’m a particular fan of Soundcloud, which is a snap to use!

So, taking a page from my songwriting colleague, Fearless Songwriter’s Timmy Riordan, I propose a May Songwriting Challenge using Soundcloud as the format to upload and share your songs, and I’ll post some of the resulting creative works here on the blog.

Here is the May Songwriting Scene Challenge and the Rules:


May is National Bike Month. Write a song using the prompt “bicycle.” Whatever that makes you think of. It doesn’t have to be a song about bicycles.


May 16. At 11:59 pm.


  • Your song MUST be uploaded to SoundCloud. If you don’t have an account, go to the site, open a free account, and figure it out. SoundCloud easily integrates with Garageband; or you can upload an MP3 from your computer. Make sure to include your lyrics in the song description! 
  • You MUST share your uploaded song to the Songwriting Scene Challenge Group on SoundCloud. Again, figure it out — once you’ve uploaded your song to your SoundCloud account, go to the group link and  join. Then, go back to your song: you can easily click “add to group” to put your song there.
  • Your song MUST be an original song written for the May Songwriting Scene Challenge. No taking old songs you’ve recorded about bicycles and joining the challenge. 🙂


There’s no prize for entering/completing the challenge — just the great feeling of writing a brand-new tune and sharing it with your fellow songwriters! Sure, it might not end up being your favorite or best tune you ever wrote, but hey…it’s all about just getting down to the habit of writing. I will, however, share some of my favorite songs from the May Songwriting Scene Challenge on the Songwriting Scene blog after the challenge is concluded.

I’m excited about writing a new song for this Challenge and I hope you will join me for the fun! Keep me updated on your progress! Don’t forget to join the Songwriting Scene Challenge Group on SoundCloud to post your new tune…

Cheers and happy songwriting!

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