How to Add “Finishing Touches” to Your Songs

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This is a guest post by Paul Harrison

“Finishing touches” are options you can use to enhance the intended impact of a song and keep your listeners interested.  Keep in mind, there are many unconscious decisions when creating songs, like the pace of a song, how you strum or pick (for guitarists), the way you voice your chords, when to sing or play or when to be silent.  The Finishing Touches workshops I’ve facilitated have encouraged writers to become more aware of their options and to consider alternatives.

Finishing touches are like digital photography

Think of a song’s finishing touches like digital photography. With photography, capturing an image is the core of the creative effort but presenting it with maximum impact might mean intensifying or removing a color, reframing, or using other editing techniques.  Similarly, musical finishing touches don’t focus on modifying your lyrics and music but improve the creative package and improve how the listener hears your song.

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