Five Years of Songwriting Scene, Plus Five Favorite Posts

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On June 28, 2009, I started this blog.

Since then, as this songwriting community has grown, thousands of new songs have been written, countless new ideas have been shared and an infinite number of creative thoughts have made their way into the world.

Thank you for sharing some of those songs and ideas and thoughts with me and thank you for listening and receiving mine.

As we head into the heat of summer, I’m more inspired than ever to become a better songwriter and more humbled than ever by the amazing songwriting talent that has passed through the world over the centuries, as well the incredible songwriters that are doing their best work right now.

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The Healing Power of Songwriting II: Q&A with Mary Gauthier


In my first post about the Healing Power of Songwriting, NY-based singer-songwriter Arlon Bennett talked poignantly about his efforts to deal with a Parkinson’s diagnosis.

This next installment fits right into the notion of songwriting as a powerful healing force: I was already a fan of Mary Gauthier‘s powerful, personal, honest songwriting — not the least of which because she was a late bloomer (like me!) who didn’t write her first song until her thirties!

But even though she has a new album coming out in a few weeks; teaches songwriting workshops around the world; has co-written tunes that have appeared on television shows such as Nashville and is soon to play at the Grand Ole Opry, I was particularly interested in her recent work with Darden Smith‘s SongwritingWith: Soldiers project, in which she helped female soldiers delve deep into their experiences and heal through song.

I asked Mary about all of the above in a phone conversation as she prepares to head out on the road again to promote her new album, Trouble & Love. Here’s what she had to say:

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