From the Songwriting Scene archives — 5 posts you might have missed

I’m always trying to think of new posts for Songwriting Scene, but as I’ve been looking through the archives I’ve realized there’s some good stuff deep within the site that you might not even have seen!

A few you might like to check out:

1.  Want to Start a Songwriting Group?

A chat with my buddy Pat Wictor about the songwriting feedback group he has run for the past 11 years (and I’ve attended for the last 8), the Manhattan Songwriters Circle.

2. 5 Simple Song Starters

A few tips from yours truly — just my own little strategies for getting the creative juices flowing.

3. Sticky Songs: Are Earworms a Sign of Songwriting Success?

Sticky songs — those tunes you can’t get out of your head — have been driving me particularly crazy lately, but I have to feel it’s a good thing if your song won’t leave someone’s brain.

4. Songwriting Brings Us Together — A Story About Community

A real life lesson I learned last year, thanks to my songwriting girlfriends.

5. The Power, Passion and Possibilities of Political Songwriting

I’ve never gone the political songwriting route myself, but am thoroughly impressed by those who take on the challenge.

Happy reading! Let me know your thoughts on these oldies-but-hopefully-goodies. And if you’re looking for more, check out this all-time Top 10 post list. 🙂

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